The Guarded Plains

The Guarded Plains is a diverse zone with a temperate climate and land features ranging from coastal plains to mountainous badlands, even though the territory is named for it’s most prominent feature, the vast meadows, heathers, and wheat grass prairies. The plains are guarded on three borders by foothills and mountains with coastal lowlands bordering the remaining border. In addition, three armies patrol the zone, each claiming it as their property and responsibility, generating some animosity as one might imagine. In spite of the heavy protective efforts of those forces, an insurgent element has taken root across the plains, and beyond.

Four notable cities lie within the borders of the Guarded Plains. One is an isolationist megametropolis closed off from its neighbors but self-sufficient by all rights. Two are open, busy centers of commerce with powerful armies to defend them from their enemies. The last is an expansionist metropolis eager to spread its influence to other cities and lands.

Corazon City is a gleaming megametropolis rising above the flat plains like a glittering jewel. Heavy defenses and technological might are signatures of the Corozonian people. They have learned from experience that the outside world is something to be kept at arms length and that measures taken to invite the outside in bear consequences worse than or as bad as taking no measures at all. Suspicion and distrust are traits common in humans native to Corazon City, this is not so true of humans and other races from other lands who have immigrated to Corazon City.

Ghourfindal is a city built among the rolling hills. Home to elves, gyaent-kin, and some brighter oghyrs. They prize themselves on their architecture, martial prowess, and lighter-than-air vessels. Tradesmen and warriors are regarded most highly, with skilled barterers and salesmen following closely behind.

Tidemaw is a river delta city at the edge of the Skyglass Sea. Primarily a human holding, the city of Tidemaw is home to oghyrs and light elves also. Although seafaring traders frequent the ports, Tidemaw has no shipyards, and is known primarily for its festivals and canals. Thievery is commonplace in Tidemaw, but surprisingly thieves are a minority. Warriors and seamen are the majority of professions in Tidemaw.

Valeria is a towering city of dark spires rising among the mountains of the badlands. The Valerians, beings resembling evolved humans far removed from the natural order, are known for death, devastation, and infecting other races with a transmittable form of their evolution. Their city is known for horror, madness and nothing of any value to other races. They do have unique sorceries and technologies at their disposal and their mysterious leaders plans are unknown for the world at large, but their hordes do not stay within their city wall. Valeria is a plague upon the Guarded Plains and is the foremost source of the other city’s militant reaction to their kinds.

The Guarded Plains

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