Auntie Adolpha

Beloved Town Matriarch and Fry Cook!


Race Human | Gender Female | Age 30’s (exact age unknown)
Ability Scores


One morning, Adolpha Hister woke in her bunker, made her way through the maze of empty chambers and corridors, and opened the hatch to the surface to discover a wide open prairie before her. Fully aware everything had changed, she abandoned her uniform and wearing only a simple dress and slippers with her Luger tucked in her clutch she stepped into the world beyond.

Never feeling so alive, or free in so many years, Adolpha explored a nearby patch of battered gravel and was surprised to realize it was a road. In one direction vultures circled in the sky, in the other, smoke rose to meet the clouds. She took the path to the smoke and discovered Shinobi Joe’s Trading Post, an old battered livery stable, an unadorned saloon and hostel, and a shiny (but shabby) railway dining car buried to the axles in the dirt and sagebrush with a for sale sign in one window. In the middle of town a trunk of a tree stripped of its bark and branches stood in a circle of white stones with two cow skulls at its base and a wooden plank nailed to its top with white paint flaking off and faded. “Tumbleweed Gulch,” it said.

After encountering the locals, and making some lucrative trades of furniture from the bunker for clothes and the dining car. Adolpha set herself up as a chef, serving the food the locals liked to eat, and eventually setting up a menu for passers through featuring the local cuisine. Through Shinobi Joe, she’s able to offer Mimosa Brunches every Sunday, and serves up some of the best bratwurst and cabbage in the parts. More commonplace greasy spoon fare is available on the menu, but nothing kosher. Nein!

In recent years, attacks from several unnerving sources have led to Adolpha taking a leadership role in the community, which is both good and bad. Good because the entire town loves her and she’s well respected for her leadership and military know how. Bad because it has brought out some of the fascism she had abandoned to become a simple fry cook. She is Auntie Adolpha now, beloved matriarch of the town.

Auntie Adolpha

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